Reviews of “Secret Maps of the Ancient World” – by Charlotte Harris Rees

Secret Maps of the Ancient World – by Charlotte Harris Rees
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“Secret Maps of the Ancient World is a spell-binding book which presents a compelling
case for ancient Chinese voyagers coming to the Americas.  Reading the book, I felt
like I had fallen into the archives for the movie, National Treasure — only this time,
it’s real!!”
Diana Waring, Author of history curriculum and international speaker

“This scholarly and yet easy to read book is a major contribution to the early history
of the Americas and the relations to China and other parts of Asia. There is much
evidence that Chinese were in America hundreds if not thousands of years before Columbus.
Based on the rare Asian maps collection of her late father, Dr. Hendon M. Harris, the
author has painstakingly researched, including using the resources of the Library of
Congress, to present her findings that Chinese had indeed traveled by sea to the Americas
since 2000 BC.”
Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, Former Chief, Asian Division, Library of Congress (Retired); Dean
Emeritus, Ohio University Libraries

“Secret Maps of the Ancient World is the definitive reference book on Chinese voyages
to America over the past 4000 years. It is a tremendous intellectual achievement. I
hope that 10 years from now it will be in every American school. The 1421 team gives
our warmest congratulations.”
Gavin Menzies, author of New York Times Bestseller 1421 and 1434

“Charlotte Harris Rees, true to her distinguished pioneer father Hendon, resumes affronting
usually-bypassed primary evidence free of 19th century dogmas with refreshing skeptical
common sense.”
Cyclone Covey, PhD Stanford 1949, Professor Emeritus of History at Wake Forest, author
of numerous books including A Critical Reprise of ‘Aboriginal’ American History, 1999-

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