1421 DVD now available!

Using location photography and beautifully crafted dramatic reconstruction, the two part documentary begins by telling the story of the known voyages of Zheng He. In the second part, the programme examines Menzies’s evidence that he claims is proof that the Chinese discovered America long before Columbus.

We present his theory and put it to the test, visiting locations to search for clues, draw together contemporary historical accounts, and disclose a wealth of evidence from scholars. The results are fascinating, often dramatic and make for gripping television.

To buy a copy of the DVD edition of the Penguin Television programme please email zhenghe@gavinmenzies.net

The DVD is only available in Region 1 format.

Did a daring Chinese Admiral sailing the world’s largest wooden armada beat Columbus to America by 71 years? 1421 The Year China Discovered America? Is a fascinating two part documentary that investigates this possibility, delving deep into historical archives and exploring the theories of best selling author Gavin Menzies.

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