The book

In his new book, THE LOST EMPIRE OF ATLANTIS, Gavin Menzies, the author of the worldwide bestseller 1421, reveals that Atlantis wasn’t just one island but an entire empire, controlled by the Minoans.   It’s long been known that this extraordinary civilisation, with its great palaces and sea ports based in Crete and nearby Thera (now called Santorini), had a level of sophistication that belied its place in the Bronze Age world but never before has the extent of its reach been uncovered.

Through painstaking research, including recent DNA evidence, Menzies has pieced together an incredible picture of a cultured people who traded with India and Mesopotamia, Africa and Western Europe, including Britain and Ireland, and even sailed to North America.

Menzies reveals that copper found at Minoan sites can only have come from Lake Superior, and that it was copper, combined with tin from Cornwall and elsewhere, to make bronze, that gave the Minoans their wealth.  He uses knowledge gleaned as a naval captain to explore ancient shipbuilding and navigation techniques and explain how the Minoans were able to travel so far.  He looks at why the Minoan empire, which was 1500 years ahead of China and Greece in terms of science, architecture, art and language, disappeared so abruptly and what led to her destruction.

Reading like a real-life Indiana Jones story THE LOST EMPIRE OF ATLANTIS take us on an epic journey around the world to finally uncover the truth behind the mystery of Atlantis.

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