Internet Chinese


A message from Dr. Tien: “Nniij hhaao! My greeting is in Internet-Chinese. This Mandarin phrase is readable like English, learnable like French, and directly convertible to Chinese characters: by the touch of a keystroke. This is what I mean by: <<Chinese for Everyone = Zhongwenn jiao Daazhoong >>The Internet-Chinese® script daily speeds up your learning, listening and talking in Chinese. And you will be able to read, write and e-mail in Chinese, like English on the Net!”

Yigee tongxuun llaizii Tiann Bboshii: “Nniij hhaao! Wwoode weenhoou shii Internet-Zhongwenn. Zhee Jinghuaa juuzi shii kkeeddude leeisi Yingwenne, kkeexxuede leeisi Ffaawenn, biing biaanhuaan chenng Haanzii: yoong jiaanpann yih qiaovhl. Zhee jiuuvh shii wwoode yiisi: << Chinese for Everyone = Zhongwenn jiao Daazhoong >>. Zheegee Internet-Zhongwenn® pinxxieettii jiasuu nniide xxuexxi, tinglii hhe shuohuaa yoong Zhongwenn. Errqqiee nniij nenng niaan, xxiee yyuuh e-mail liiyoong Zhongwenn, leeisi Yingwenn shaang Waanngxx!”

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