The following are some useful and interesting links relating to our research:

The Archives of Cultural Exchanges – the pioneering work of Emeritus Professors Carl Johannessen and John Sorenson –

World Trade and Biological Exchanges Before 1492

The International Zheng He Society –

Friends of Admiral Zheng He –

Information on Zheng He –

It’s Rainmaking Time! –


Dr. Gunnar Thompson’s website on pre-Columbian New World Voyages –

The Library of Congress –

Sikuquanshu online –

An interesting animation of a Chinese treasure ship can be viewed at the following link:

A fascinating website (in Spanish) on pre-Columbian voyages to the New World can be found at:

Dr. Greg Little’s report on a new site that has been found near the Binimi Road can be accessed via this link:

1421 team’s web designers, pedalo limited –

Click on this link to read an article on the Chinese origin of golf:

Charlotte Harris Rees’ website to promote the revised edition of her father’s book and her new book can be found at

Click here to view O Globo’s take on 1421.

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