This website was designed by www.pedalo.co.uk and created by Gavin Menzies and his research team. The site serves as a focal point for ongoing research into pre-Columbian voyages to the New World. The research team was set up to receive and disseminate all information received via this website, from the 2000 or so visitors that log onto it each day. The website has been invaluable in providing new information pertinent to Gavin and the team’s research, as well as a means of refining the hypotheses by corrections and amendments that we receive from visitors to the site.

The research team is based in London, UK, but has arms that reach out all around the world. We have a database of some 10, 000 followers who have subscribed to our newsletters, as well as a group of about 300 experts in many different fields on whose advice and knowledge we rely regularly, and for whose help we are most grateful.

The team – when all emails have been read, replied to and actioned – also enjoys spending time researching in the British Library, where new suggestions for research, as prompted by the visitors to our website, are carried out.

The team works full-time in close contact with Gavin, and is proud and excited to be involved in such a fascinating project.

To contact Gavin and the team, please direct your emails to zhenghe@gavinmenzies.net

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