Miscellaneous artefacts

Early Chinese navigation tableThis beautiful table was brought to our attention by Wayne and Rosemary Hendry, who have been advised that it is an early Chinese navigation table. It is a low round table made of black wood and inlaid with mother of pearl patterns.The central pattern depicts four adult cranes, one with a young crane flying beside. There are other patterns around the edges which have been suggested to be a code of some description, or navigational aids. Can anyone shed any light on this table?

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Campeche island stoneBelow is a photo of the stone located in Campeche island, close to Santa Catarina Island in the south of Brazil. The information you get from the Tourist Office in Santa Catarina is that this stone is similar to others found in Africa. can anybody give us any information about this stone and its distinctive markings? (Fernando Gandara)

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