Chinese relics found in Australia

The following artefacts, owned and photographed by Mr. Brett J. Green, were found in a hidden cache amongst the remains of possible fortified stone ruins, on a high ridge overlooking Tin Can Bay harbour. It would have been an exceptional lookout/signalling place for anyone entering or leaving the harbour east of Gympie. These were found about five years ago by a team of amateur investigators who were informed of the location hidden in old forest far from any habitation. They came to the conclusion after measuring the ruins site that it was not natural but man-made. It was not Aboriginal or European. It was extremely old and because of its location – a defensive site. The artefacts were found in a collapsed wall section protected from the elements.

The items include:
1. Orange coloured hand carved jade stone depicting an animal/monkey/small bear. Its purpose is unknown – possibly a small cutting instrument. A reader has suggested that this is a monkey with a peach which is a Chinese symbol for good fortune and long life.
2. Orange coloured hand carved jade belt buckle or waist band tightener also depicting an animal/monkey/small bear.
3. A necklace of bluestone/blue jade on silk string. The silk had rotted somewhat but enough particles revealed it was of a silk origin. The necklace was reconstructed onto suitable cord from the loose stones recovered (there may have been more stones in the necklace but were not found.)

Can anybody shed any light on these beautiful finds?

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