Flora and fauna

Kune Kune Pigs – How did they get to New Zealand?Two differing types of pigs can be found in New Zealand. These are the Ferals and the Kune Kune. The Kune Kune are very small, with adult sows growing to roughly 40 kg and boars 50 kg. They used to be kept by the Maori but they are most probably Chinese in origin.Although years of thorough research by historians and biologists, have been devoted to the whereabouts of their origin, no conclusions have ever been drawn and it still remains a mystery – or is it?It is widely assumed that the breed was originally from China, because of the Polish pigs still found there today which have the characteristic chin tassels of the kune kune, but the matter is still under debate. It is our belief that the Kune Kune are Chinese pigs brought to New Zealand by the Chinese fleets in their great pre-Maori voyages of exploration.

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HorsemenThis is a copy of the drawings of Chinese or Japanese cavalry found by Antonio de la Calancha in Trujillo on his arrival in Peru.

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