Gavin Menzies Speeches

This section of the website contains the recent speeches that Gavin gave in the Far East in November 2003. He addressed a total of 16 different organisations in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. The speeches are based on new evidence that has continued to pour in from the 1421 website, as well as research carried out by people from all over the world. Much of the evidence was revealed for the first time in these speeches.

To read “Talk A – How the story came about…” please click here

To read “Talk B – Zheng He’s Fleets Voyages from South America to New Zealand and Australia” please click here

To read “Talk C – The first Panama Canal and the first Suez Canal were built by the Chinese and the Egyptians” please click here

To listen to Gavin’s presentation at the Ancestry e-Symposium please visit the following link:

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