6 Zheng He’s 1408 Master Chart of the World (refer to part II)

 Zheng He’s 1408 Master Chart of the World (refer to part II)

In 1403, the Emperor Zhu Di despatched Zheng He to the west to collect all available astronomical, land and sea charts. In 1405 he returned to Zaiton and recruited foreign navigators and cartographers. In 1408 Zheng He returned to Europe with his Master Chart of the World. In its turn Zheng He’s Master was composed of:
 i) The Kangnido (1402)
ii) Kublai Khan’s charts of The Antarctic, Atlantic, N America (Pacific Coast) and Australia (c. 1300~)
iii) The Chu Ssu Pen – 1330
Scholars have so far failed to translate the place names on the Kangnido or on the 1410 Master chart of di Virga, or on the Chu Ssu Pen and on Kublai Khan’s charts of the Pacific coast of America and Australia. By failing to translate these names scholars have not been able to trace the links between the charts.

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