6 Evidence of the Comet Impact at 48ºS, 166º E, and the resultant Tsunami

Evidence of the Comet Impact at 48ºS, 166º E, and the resultant Tsunami

Professor Edward Bryant of Wollongong University, Australia in Tsunami: The Underrated Hazard  (C.U.P. 2001) suggests a Mega Tsunami occasioned by a huge comet impact caused widespread devastation in New Zealand and S.E. Australia in about 1480 AD.

Dr Dallas Abbott, Andrew Matzen and Stephen F. Pekar of The Lamont – Doherty Earth Observatory, NY, USA, having studied Professor Bryant’s book at length have found a comet crater 20 +/- 2 km wide and > 153m deep on the New Zealand continental shelf in Lat 48.3S, 166.4 E.  Dr Abbott’s team have produced evidence of beach sand 220 metres above sea level on Stewart Island and Mega Tsunami deposits in Eastern Australia with maximum run ups of over 130 metres and a C14 age of c1500 AD. (Please see Abbott et al., 2003, Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.)

This implies the mega Tsunami wave was c.700 ft high at source.  GM and team believe the wave cast 44 of Zhou Man’s fleet ashore on NZ South Island smashing the Treasure Ships to pieces – one found embedded in a cliff 45 degrees bow up and 45 degrees list to starboard.

Assuming the Tsunami, Comet impact and wreck of Zhou Man’s Fleet are all part of the same event, we seek information on what other damage this massive impact caused.

We know:

(i) 1000 ships set forth from China in 1421 – (not 100 as in GM’s book)
(ii) Only 7 returned.  993 were lost or abandoned.  On previous voyages most returned safely.  On the 1421-26 voyage some catastrophe must have overcome the fleet.
(iii) Wrecks of Zheng He’s fleet have been located on St Paul Island (French Antarctic Territory): the Caribbean (Bimini): and along virtually the whole Pacific coast of N. America: two were found by the first Spanish on the W. coast of Chile.
(iv) Easter Islands population/ civilisation was wiped out by a sudden rising sea – date unknown.
(v) There were several abnormal events (see para 21)

(a) Fires in New Zealand (dated c.1480) as described in Professor Bryant’s book
(b) Eruption of L’Echelle and Soufriere volcanoes c1422
(c) Eruption of Osima Volcano (Japan) 14 May 1421
(d) “Great Balls of Fire” which demolished the forbidden city on 9 May 1421
(e) Abnormally warm winters 1422, 1424 which melted the Arctic Sea Ice

Help Needed

We seek comments on the above and also reports of any other anomalies in 1421 / 1422 – Inca history for example?  All help will be acknowledged.

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