41 DNA Evidence of Peoples of the Azores

DNA Evidence of Peoples of the Azores

1.   Principal DNA Report relied upon

(a)     Title: HLA in the Azores Archipelago: possible presence of Mongoloid genes

(b)     Authors: Professor Dr. Arnaiz-Villena and colleagues. Please refer to Bibliography on page 73.

2.   Précis of the Report’s findings

      “… We unexpectedly found Oriental genes (but fromChina) in the present day Azorean population and postulated that the arrival of the genes (people) was before the Portuguese colonisation…”


3.   Corroboration or supporting DNA Reports

   (i) Those of the Greenland native people (Professor Novick and colleagues – see Part IV, Bibliography No. 1.) The Azores are downwind from Greenland.         


4.   Corroborative reports into ailments and diseases which suggest an arrival by sea

      Machado-Joseph disease. The Azores, especially Flores, have the highest incidence incidence of Machado-Joseph disease in the world. The author believes (Jerry Warsing’s work) that this disease originated in the Yunnan Province of S.W. China, was carried to North America by Zheng He’s fleets, thence to the Azores and onwards to South America and Australasia. Machado-Joseph disease is thus a genetic marker for the Chinese fleet’s voyages.


5.   Did the first Europeans to reach the Azores find Chinese already there?

      Yes – Christopher Columbus did.


6.   Other evidence showing links with China

      Please refer to Annex IX


7.   Evidence in Synopsis of Evidence on website www.gavinmenzies.net.

      Annex IX

8.   Reference in 1421 The Year China Discovered America

            p. 290, 294, 299 – 301, 375, 407

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