37 DNA Evidence of Pate Islanders of East Africa

DNA Evidence of Pate Islanders of East Africa

1.   Principal DNA Report relied upon

(a)     Title:  DNA Print Genomics DNA Test of
Island People of Pate

(b)     Author:  Tony Frudakis PhD, CSO DNA Print Genomics.

Please refer to work in progress, Appendix 19

2.   Précis of the Report’s findings


3.   Corroborative or supporting DNA Reports  

4.   Corroboration or supporting reports into ailments or diseases which suggest Chinese arrived by sea

5.   Did the first Europeans to reach the area in which the people of
Pate Island live find Chinese already there?

      Yes. Father Monclaro, an early Portuguese missionary, reported the islanders as considering themselves as descendants of Chinese seafarers and that they presented the Emperor of China with a giraffe (1416).
The people of Pate Island off Kenya claim to be Chinese origin and call themselves “WoShangGa” people. (Wo (or Wa) = I/me (first person pronoun in putonghua, Minnan dialect and many other dialects) Shang = upper (Cantonese, Hakka, putonghua) Ga = home (Cantonese, Hakka, southern dialects)) They call themselves ShangGa people meaning they are from the north – Siu-Leung Lee, PhD


6.   Other evidence showing links with

 (a) Principal 
As set out in Synopsis of Evidence, Revision 17, Annex II.


      (b) Secondary links with

 7.   Evidence in Synopsis of Evidence on website www.gavinmenzies.net.

8.   Reference in 1421 The Year
China Discovered

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