3 Chinese or Asiatic People found by the First European Explorers

Chinese or Asiatic People found by the First European Explorers

(i)  Far East and Indian Ocean
Chinese found throughout Indian Ocean to China. Chinese graveyards remain today at Malacca, Indonesia and Philippines (Sulu).

(ii) Africa
Pate – Father Monclaro (east coast)
Namaquas (early Dutch settlers) (west coast).
MozambiqueWhen the Portuguese reached Lorenco Marques, Mozambique, they found a very learned culture, and a large number of maps and charts.  They took over everything.  And among other things, spread the dark Africa stories to keep others out.  Accurate maps and information were rare.  Highest profits if they stayed that way. – (Lloyd Ellsworth)

(iii) Atlantic
Azores – bodies from Corvo (Columbus). (Note: Machado Joseph disease + ’Chinese’ pre-Portuguese DNA there.)
Greenland – “People from Cathay have visited here” (Columbus).(Note: Greenland peoples ‘Chinese’ DNA).
Ireland – “…The story of a man who had accidentally traversed the globe seems to have struck a chord with Columbus, for when he read that two oriental sailors had been washed up from a shipwreck from the coast of Ireland, he scribbled into the margins of one of his books: ‘Men have come eastwards from Cathay.  We have seen many a remarkable thing, and particularly in Galway, in Ireland, two persons hanging on to two wreck planks, a man and a woman…” Extract from Giles Milton, The Riddle and the Knight, (New York, 1996, p. 216.)  – (Giovanni Bonello)

(iv) South America
Brazil – Cabral “Men with pale skins”; Orellana meets “white men” – Apara
(B. McEwen) (‘Chinese’ DNA in Amazonian Indians).
Peru – Chinese-speaking (understanding) villages (Eten and Monsefu) Ludovico de Varthema (voyages to Antarctica) (‘Chinese’ DNA in Incas). Cano – Sir Francis Drake captures Chinese pilots with charts showing way to cross Pacific to Philippines (G M Thompson – Cedric Bell.)
Pizarro encountered the Inca wearing “silk robes”.
Chile – S. Arias (Pacific crossing); Grotius – Chinese junks found off Chile (DNA of Mato Grosso people and Incas).
Venezuela Vespucci “brownish yellow” – Maracaibo (B. McEwen) (‘Chinese’ DNA)
Giants of Patagonia (Magellan and Walspurger (1489).

(v) Meso America and Caribbean
Stephen Powers – Chinese Colony between Sacramento and Russian Rivers.
Antonio Galvão (1555) “Chinese ruled over locations in Central and South America”.
Hugo Grotius – Asiatic shipwrecks on Pacific coast.(‘Chinese’ DNA in Navajo / Zuni.)
Acosta and Vasquez de Coronado’s expedition met Chinese (Mazatecs – ‘Chinese’ DNA).
Gregorio Garcia: “Chinese coming to populate Mexico” [before European voyages]. Hernando Cortes – Montezuma recounting grandfather (light coloured people from East returning).
Sir Francis Drake captures ship loaded with Chinese silk and porcelain bound for Acapulco from Peru (G M Thompson, Cedric Bell).
Chinese graves dating pre-Columbus’ discovery of America (Chiam evidence)
Lower California to Kansas City (Tiguex)
Coronado expedition – Coronado, Mafeo and Frois – Chinese ships, Chinese merchants had come to Quatulco and Panuco all dressed in silk (Loayza). (‘Chinese’ DNA (Navajo/ Zuni).
Columbus’ expedition (men in white robes, Washington Irvine); Columbus’ secret report (met Chinese). (Note: ‘Chinese’ DNA in Indian people of Meso America.
Columbus met Muslims (Dr Shou).
(Columbus, December 11th, 1492) ) “…People of the Great Khan are very near here…” (M. Moure evidence)
A reader has pointed out how on the island of Dominica many have noticed Asian, almost Mongolian features of the remaining Native American Indians.  They live on a reservation and have inbred little with the African population brought there for work on the plantations – Greg Sloat

(vi) North America/Florida
Rhode Island –Verrazano – “Chinese” people (Hakluyt Vol III, 1910, p. 350).
Florida – Pedro Menendez de Aviles. (Note: ‘Chinese’ DNA in people of N. America.) Powhatan’s accounts to Captain John Smith (Virginia – J Warsing).
Rhode Island – Missionary/artist.
Alexander von Wuthenau Unexpected Faces in Ancient America shows Chinese
(B McEwan) (Sioux, Cree-Ojibwa – ‘Chinese’ DNA)
North Fort Worth (Texas) – tomb with four bodies dressed in Chinese garb with Chinese pictographs (Guy D Smith).
Florida Pedro Menendez de Aviles – Chinese junks (‘Chinese’ DNA (Moskoke)).
British Columbia (Vancouver Island)
Spaniards met ‘white and fair Indians’ between Jean de Fuca Strait and Cape St. Elias in 1774 (Thomas Jeffreys, 1775, American Atlas) (Caleb Horn evidence)

(vii) Pacific
Bougainville – Wallace found Chinese people on many islands
Indonesia – Bodies of Chinese
Micronesia – Saavedra
Australasia Cook – he was not the first; descriptions of local people – men preceded Cook in “ships like clouds”.
New Zealand
J Fernandez, 1576 – peaceable people in white woven clothes. (Maori, ‘Chinese’ DNA.)

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