29 DNA Evidence of Quechua People (Bolivia/Mato Grosso Borders) and Toba (N W Argentina, Salado River)

DNA Evidence of  Quechua People (Bolivia/Mato Grosso Borders) and Toba (N W Argentina, Salado River)

1.   Principal DNA Report relied upon

(a)     Title:  Polymorphic Alu Insertions and the Asian Origin of Native American Populations.

(b)     Authors: Gabriel E Novick and colleagues (refer to Bibliography).

2.   Précis of the Report’s findings

      The results corroborate the Asian origin of Native American populations but do not support the multiple-wave migration hypothesis. Close similarity between the Chinese and Native Americans suggests recent gene flow from Asia .

3.   Corroborative or supporting DNA Reports

4.   Corroboration or supporting reports into ailments or diseases which suggest Chinese arrived by sea

Diseases endemic to S E Asia but not to North America found in the Quechua and Toba people, viz. Tokelau, hepatitis B and hookworm/roundworm – diseases which could not have been carried across the Bering Straits on account of the bitter cold which would have killed off the diseases.

5.   Did the first Europeans to reach the area in which the Quechua and Toba peoples live find Chinese already there?

      Not as far as we know but we have not yet studied the reports of the Jesuits, a project we hope to undertake shortly.

6.   Other evidence showing links with China

      (a) Principal

      (i)   Rice fields found by the first Europeans to reach the Paraguay and Panama Rivers .

(ii)  Chinese junks found wrecked by the first Spanish to round the Horn.

(b) Secondary links with China

      Drawings on the Piri Reis (and in The Illustrated Record of Strange Countries published in China in 1430) which shows animals of Patagonia drawn long before Europeans reached there.

7.   Evidence in Synopsis of Evidence on website www.gavinmenzies.net.

      Paras 1, 4, 5, 8, 15, 16, 17, 20A. Annexes XXII, XXVI, XXVII.

8.   Reference in 1421 The Year China Discovered America

      page 416.

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