26 DNA Evidence of Shawnee peoples of the Carolinas

DNA Evidence of Shawnee peoples of the Carolinas

1.   Principal DNA Report relied upon

(a)     Title:  DNA Print Genomics DNA Test of
Shawnee peoples of the Carolinas

(b)     Authors:  Tony Frudakis PhD, CSO DNA Print Genomics


2.   Précis of the Report’s findings

         Please refer to work in progress, Appendix 19

3.   Corroborative or supporting DNA Reports

      (i) Constantine Rafinesque’s book Ancient History or Annals of Kentucky (1824)adduces convincing evidence that the Sioux came from
China .        

4.   Corroboration or supporting reports into ailments or diseases which suggest Chinese arrived by sea

      (Possibly) Machado Joseph disease.

5.   Did the first Europeans to reach the area in which the
Shawnee peoples live find Chinese already there?

(i)         Yes. Captain John Smith whilst in the captivity of Powhatan describes the Oceanye Ho (
Shawnee) peoples as foreigners who came by sea. (Jerry Warsing)

6.   Other evidence showing links with China

      (a) Principal

      As set out in Annex V.

      (b) Secondary links with China

7.   Evidence in Synopsis of Evidence on website www.gavinmenzies.net.


8.   Reference in 1421 The Year
China Discovered

      Pages 416-418.

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