24 DNA Evidence of Sioux and Cree Ojibwa Peoples of America and Canada

DNA Evidence of Sioux and Cree Ojibwa Peoples of America and Canada

1.   Principal DNA Report relied upon

(a)     Title:  Polymorphic Alu Insertions and the Asian Origin of Native American Populations.

(b)     Authors: Gabriel E Novick and colleagues (refer to Bibliography)

2.   Précis of the Report’s findings

      Close similarity between the Chinese and Native Americans suggests recent gene flow from Asia .


3.   Corroboration or supporting DNA Reports

(i)   1997 study published by the National Academy of Sciences appears to support the fact that the New World ’s first migrants came from Asia . Researchers studied Native Americans from the Navajo, Chamorro and Flathead tribes (Montana ) and determined that all three groups possess a unique type of retrovirus gene JCV found only in
China and Japan .       

(ii)  Constantine Rafinesque’s book Ancient History or Annals of Kentucky (1824) adduces convincing evidence that the Sioux came from

(iii) Recent DNA analysis by DNAPrint Genomics – we have results which show up to 40 % East Asian admixture amongst Native American Indians. Full details will be published as and when we get them.

4.   Corroboration or supporting reports into ailments or diseases which suggest Chinese arrived by sea

      None known.        

5.   Did the first Europeans to reach the area in which the Sioux and Cree Ojibwa peoples live find Chinese already there?

      Not that is known.


6.   Other evidence showing links with

      (a) Principal

      Substantial evidence that foreign visitors came by shop with horses and sailed up the
Mississippi . Horse remains (pre-Columbus in 1421 – The Year China Discovered
America ) have been found near Thunder Bay, Lake Superior .


(b) Secondary links with China

Rock Lake Wisconsin contains flat topped stepped pyramids under its waters. Elephant bones have been found at 320 50’ N, 800 10’ W and a round stone fortress at 440 10’ N, 930 W
The Canadian Plains Cree – a reader comments on how their sacred colours are also red, yellow, black, and white, as with Buddhism. In ancient times large stone wheels were laid out on the ground, the spokes of which pointed in four directions. Each direction is represented by one of the sacred colours: yellow is connected to south, black to west, white to north, and red to east – Judith Lishman.


7.   Evidence in Synopsis of Evidence on website www.gavinmenzies.net.

      Paras 12 and 16., Annex VIII

8.   Reference in 1421 The Year
China Discovered

      Pages 424-25.

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