22 New Zealand Update Summary

New Zealand Update Summary

This collection of evidence, from kumera sweet potatoes to canals, from art-work to human bones, shows the wealth and variety of information found that positively corroborates the evidence presented in 1421 – The Year China Discovered The World, and the surveys carried out by T.C. Bell in 2003.

The evidence of Dr Ted Bryant of Wollongong University corresponds with the Waitaha’s tale of how ‘a great celestial body in the form of an asteroid or meteror plunged into the ocean nearby’. 

Dating of burnt grass given in Bryant’s book “Tsunami – An Underrated Hazard”, Chapter 5, dated to 1410 +/- 60 years and another dating of 1480 corroborates this. Professor Bryant himself asserts that ‘it could just as easily have been 1422’. 

The Waitaha People of New Zealand, as Maori legend tells us, are descendants of the Chinese.  The human bones of South Island await DNA testing.   

It is therefore our belief that the Chinese occupied New Zealand, South Island, from the Han Dynasty. Evidence supporting this includes the arrival of the Asian Pacific Rat nearly 2,000 years ago, as well as the ancient stonework of the Waitaha people, and carbon dating results carried out in recent months.  Zhou Man’s Fleet was returning to a long established Chinese colony in order to mine her rich earth.

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