13 The Waldseemueller and The Cantino (1502)

The Waldseemueller and The Cantino (1502)

The Cantino (1502), The Caveri (1503?) and the Waldseemueller (1507) show N America and the great Bahamas Bank identically. They even have the same names for the rivers of N America (please refer to appendix 2 for the GM workings). The Cantino and Caveri don’t show latitude whereas the Waldseemueller does. Because the names on the N America coast, as well as its shape are the same on the three maps, one can see that the Cantino (and Caveri) are not showing Florida but showing North America. The distinction of being the first map to show North America thus belongs to the Cantino (1502). Although Waldseemueller is the first to show South America and the whole continent. The Cantino also avoids the Bartholomew’s forgeries giving the true latitudes and longitudes for Africa.

View map: Florida Coastline as shown on Cantino and Waldseemueller maps

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