1 Synopsis of Evidence Exclusive

Synopsis of Evidence Exclusive

Gavin Menzies would like to thank the thousands of people who have sent in new evidence after 1421 was published. As a result of your evidence, the following important discoveries have been made since his book was published.

1. DNA tests show that in the Americas today there are 18 peoples whose forebears were settlers from Zheng He’s fleets. These people have lived separate lives to other native Indian peoples from that day to this. Many still understand Chinese and practise Chinese customs. China had thus settled the Americas before Columbus set sail – and done so on a grand scale.

2. By 1424 the Chinese had set up a world wide trading Empire. Not only did the first European explorers have maps (based on earlier Chinese ones), which showed them the way to the New World, but also they found an established international trading system when they got there.

3. There is extensive Chinese heritage (genes) in Native American Indian populations – far more than has hitherto been accepted. Some American Indian people’s DNA is so close to Chinese they could be deemed to be Chinese.

4. The Maya of the Yucatan peninsular are Chinese (DNA) Late Maya art of Yucatan is often Chinese art.

5. Some of the Inca people of Peru and Chile are Chinese (DNA)  Fernando Llosa Porras and Reverend Ranking were correct. Chile or “Chi-Le” was a directly ruled dependency of China. The “Giants” of Patagonia were Mongolians.

6. In 1422 a huge comet hit the earth at 48 degrees South, 166 degrees East, destroying Chinese Fleets and civilisations across the World – work of Dallas Abbott and team (comet) and Professor Edward Bryant (tsunami).

7. Zhou Man’s Fleet was hit by a resultant tsunami, and was hurled north to New Zealand and north-west to Australia. The wrecks of 44 of Zhou Man’s Fleet have been located on New Zealand, South Island – work of Cedric Bell.

8. Zhou Man’s Fleet was coming to revive the Chinese settlement on New Zealand, which had been established in the Han Dynasty (c.150 BC) – Cedric Bell’s work.

9. The Chinese had occupied New Zealand, South Island for 2000 years before Captain Cook arrived. This accounts for Maori’s MtDNA being Taiwanese – work of Dr Geoffrey Chambers.

10. New Zealand was a Chinese colony founded for the extraction of gold and minerals.

11. Zheng He’s Fleet passed through the Red Sea – Nile Canal to the Mediterranean and reached Europe – See ’1434′.

13. The Fleet, which set sail in 1421, was of 1000 ships not 100 as stated in the book – Professor Robert Finlay of Arkansas University.

14. The Chinese discovered Jupiter’s moons 2000 years before Galileo. They deployed this knowledge to be able to calculate longitude 3 times each day – work of Rosa Mui.

15. The Chinese had colonised the Azores (DNA) before they were discovered by the Portuguese – please see Appendix 18C.

16. Zheng He’s passage charts of South and West Africa, Australia, the Antarctic and Weddell Sea have been found in a Hong Kong library.

17. DNA analysis by DNAPrint Genomics – we have results which show up to 40 % East Asian admixture amongst Native American Indians. Hot spots include the Melungeons and Ojibwa. Full details will be published as and when we get them.

18. Members of the 1421 team delivered a series of presentations at the Library of Congress International Symposium on Zheng He Studies, May 2005. Presentations covered topics including early Chinese voyages to the Americaas from 2200 BC, Marco Polo and Kublai Khan’s exploration of the world, and the finding of an huge Chinese base by Paul Chiasson in Nova Scotia. For more information please visit www.marcopolovoyages.com

19. Zheng He’s master chart of the world, 1418, has been found in China.

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