1 Introduction


GM asks that the evidence be taken as a whole. In total approx. 1100 pages, being:

(I) That in the hardback and paperback editions of 1421 – The Year China Discovered The World, including the Bibliography, Notes and Appendices.
(II) The evidence contained in this Synopsis of Evidence 17, including the papers and reports referred to.
(III) All other evidence placed on the 1421 website, not least

(a) Calculations of latitude and longitude (work of Professor John Oliver and Marshall Payn)
(b) Cedric Bell’s three reports on New Zealand
(c) Rosa Mui and colleagues’ paper on Jupiter’s moons
(d) The paper on Zheng He’s navigators (Tai-Peng Wang)
(e) GM detailed working notes on the Piri Reis, Pizzigano, Waldseemueller, Cantino and Jean Rotz charts (to be placed on the website in 2004)
(f) Dallas Abbott and colleagues’ report on the comet which impacted at 46ºS 166ºE  (published 1st November 2003)

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