1 Alaska and the Bering Straits Local Support

Alaska and the Bering Straits Local Support

Do you have evidence of what may be the Chinese in Alaska before the gold rush era? Have you found some Chinese artifacts in Alaska or somewhere along the Bering Straits region? Does your family have any stories or traditions of travelers from far away, before the European traders came? Now you can submit your questions, comments and ideas or photos to a local representative to the 1421 project.

I am Joseph Davis, living in Anchorage Alaska, and am managing the “Alaska and the Bering Straits” section of the 1421 web site. Email me your questions, thoughts, history or discoveries! Let’s look at them, bring them to the 1421 team, and if it is something we can use on the web site, we sure will!

Join in the adventure and help the history of the world be recognized. Contact Joseph Davis on email: watermark@acsalaska.net or through the Contacts on this site. And if we need an on-site visit, all the better!

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